Top 3 Programs to Jailbreak iPhone 4/4S

by admin on May 15, 2012

Hey guys! Today what I wanted to write about what I think the best pieces of software to jailbreak iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

All the following programs will automatically jailbreak iPhone 4/4s. They are maintained by their owner so that they’re always up to date with latest iOS versions and basebands. The programs are made to work on all iDevices – this means that if you have another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (no matter what generation) it would work for them too! Overall the process is very simple with each of them. You download and install the program. Then you follow step by step instructions (including pictures!) to get your device jailbroken. If you had any questions at all you contact their customer support, who are there to ENSURE you get your device jailbroken. Excellent!

Personally, I say, if you’re about to jailbreak your iPhone 4/4s – don’t just try to do it by yourself. The process can be a massive headache, and doing one thing wrong can erase your phone from all apps, contacts or music (I’ve done that before when I tried it!). Trying to jailbreak the iPhone yourself, you’re also risking bricking your iPhone (meaning making it a brick, completely useless!). Instead just get one of the following and complete the process in under 5 minutes, with great software and support staff to help you. From the best to the worst, here they are:

1) iJailbreak Pro

I’ve only found this site not long ago, but it was so much better than anything else that it easily takes the top spot. This program and the site it sits on is just a case of “you have to see it to believe it”. I personally tried it with 2 friends who have an iPhone 4, my own iPhone 4s and iPad 2, and also my mother’s iPhone 3GS. Worked flawlessly without a hitch!

After downloading the jailbreak and installing it, the entire process of jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone takes around 4 minutes. You just click the “Start” button, go make yourself a sandwich, and by the time you come back – it’s finished.

This solution is a complete jailbreak (which some people refer to as a jailbreak-unlock). Some of the other options mentioned here don’t unlock your phone. I’ll explain what I mean…

To Jailbreak your iPhone means giving it some extra functionality by allowing it to accept 3rd party apps (and other things…).

To Unlock your iPhone will allow you to use whatever SIM card you want with it – from any carrier or country. Most iPhones come locked to the mobile operator you sign the contract with, and unlocking your phone releases that lock!

So it’s a very nice bonus that iJailbreak Pro unlocks your phone and gives you that extra freedom to move to another carrier and still be able to use your iPhone.

Payment for the program can be done using Paypal if you want – which is a very safe way to pay if you’re not happy with what you received. The program comes with thirty-days money back guarantee, without any questions asked.

My absolute favorite thing about iJailbreak Pro is that the owner of the site is just a decent guy who really wants to help people get the maximum from their iPhones – which means their support people are really helpful and quick to answer whatever questions may arise.
The instructions to use the program were super easy to follow, and the price was very reasonable. These guys are the cream of the crop, without costing more money!

Overall I’d rate them 9.5 out of 10. Click here to check out their site.

2) Apple Unlocker

Yet another program that I used and thought highly of. It used to be the one I recommended to everyone before I found iJailbreak Pro, so they’re worth the mention. The Jailbreak process takes a while longer compared – about 15 minutes was the longest I got on an iPhone 4 once.

There were 2 things I didn’t really like about them. The first was their support staff didn’t provide a great service in my opinion. They don’t have live support or a phone number number I could use, and some of the e-mails I wrote to them took them longer than 24 hours to respond to. This is really not cool if you need your iPhone to be working properly all the time like me!

The other issue was that their solution took a  bit longer for the jailbreak to be completed. Not that big of a deal unless you do it a lot (I had a few devices I did for my friends etc…).

Overall, it’s still an alright solution if iJailbreak Pro isn’t working and you need to jailbreak your iPhone 4/4S as soon as possible. The instructions were easy to follow and the software worked as promised. Rating: 6/10. Click here to check out their site now.

3) iJailbreak Tool

This is an OK product, but nothing too amazing about it. It works just fine and that’s probably the best thing I can say about it (that still makes it better than a lot of stuff out there that just doesn’t work!).

Last time I foolishly tried it, it took over 30 minutes to finish Jailbreaking an iPhone. The instructions were confusing and for a moment there I thought I did something really wrong because it took so long. It turned out everything was fine, but they can really make better instructions! For that kind of service I found the price to be too expensive. The customer service was OK for me, but I think not everyone would approve. The phone number to call was in India! I never ended up calling though. Either way, my overall rating is 5/10.

Either way, that’s it for this review. I appreciate your visit on your site, and hope you enjoy setting your iPhone free.

Robbie Crowe


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